Reports to Governor and General Assembly

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Reports to the Governor and General Assembly.

Use of Emerging Investment Managers

The following reports outline SURS' continued commitment to the use of emerging investment managers. The SURS Board of Trustees has an established policy adopted in 1992 and reaffirmed in 2001 that formally discusses the initiative to increase the participation of minority and women-owned business enterprise firms as required by Public Act 96–006.

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All SURS Investment related content, reports and guidelines.

Annual Report, Valuation Report & Investment Plan

Annual Report

SURS is required to provide participants and benefit recipients with financial statements, including the report of the independent auditors regarding those statements.

Asset Allocation

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A list of asset classes and a brief description of their meaning.

Simply spreading your savings over various types of investments is called diversification. But what´s the best way to diversify? The answer depends on the risk you´re willing to take, the rate of return you require, and how long before you will need the money. With those specifics, you can spread your savings among different classes of investments to minimize risk and help you meet your goals. This is called asset allocation.



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