Retirement Savings Plan(RSP) Forms

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If you have terminated employment and are not retirement eligible and would like to take a withdrawal from your RSP account, please call SURS at 800-275-7877 to initiate this process.

The following documents are designed for members annuitizing or taking a lump-sum withdrawal from the Retirement Savings Plan (RSP). To access all other RSP forms, please contact SURS at 800-275-7877.

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RSP Retirement Application

This Retirement Application Builder is used to gather the necessary forms needed to apply for your retirement benefits.

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SURS RSP TIAA to Voya Transfer Form

Complete this form to move all, or a portion of your existing SURS RSP funds invested with TIAA to Voya. Please note that this form must be returned to TIAA at the address listed on the bottom of the form to be processed.

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RSP Roll-In Form

Complete this form to roll money into your SURS Retirement Savings Plan account from an outside plan.

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RSP Post-Retirement Withdrawal Form

Complete this form to take an additional distribution from your SURS RSP Retirement Account after your retirement claim has been finalized. This form can only be used if you have retired using the SURS Lifetime Income Strategy (LIS), or took a partial Lump-Sum Retirement, either as a direct cash payment or as a rollover to another qualified retirement plan.  Note that if you used the LIS retirement option, you will not be able to take additional withdrawals from your account or move your non-secure balance to the core investment lineup until you have reached age 60.

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