Unsolicited Emails Being Sent to SURS Members

October 18, 2017 - 14:51
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To all SURS SMP Members:
SURS recently received notice that a company called Compass Investors, LLC has been sending email solicitations to our SURS Self-Managed Plan (SMP) members through the following email addresses:


Please be advised that SURS does not do business with this company, SURS is not affiliated with this company and SURS does not recommend or endorse this company.

Based on the numerous complaints we received from members regarding these solicitations, we served two cease and desist letters upon this company in an effort to stop what we believe to be a direct attempt to confuse our SMP members and a trademark violation. We are conducting an investigation to try to determine how this company obtained these email addresses and we will provide additional information as it becomes known. We will also be reporting this situation to the appropriate legal and regulatory authorities.

Unsolicited Emails Being Sent to SURS Members