Portable Plan

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The SURS Portable plan is a Defined Benefit retirement plan that has much in common with the Traditional plan. However, it provides a more generous separation refund when participants leave the system. The provisions for survivor benefits require a reduction to the retirement and death benefits.

Forms and Guides

Resources for Portable plan members including the Member Guide and retirement application, as well as information regarding service credit, insurance, and tax forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding retirement, insurance, disability, refunds, and more.

Helpful Sites

Use these links to find the latest tax forms available, locate a dentist in your area, learn about the State Universities Annuitant Association, and much more.

Two-Tier Retirement System Chart

Compare the differences between the Portable, Traditional, and Self-Managed Plans.

Member Guide

Learn more specific information about the benefits of the Portable plan.

Retirement Application

Use this form to apply for retirement benefits of the Portable plan.


SURS Videos to help guide you through various topics such as logging on and navigating the Member Website, the Benefit Estimator, information regarding the Traditional Plan, and more!