CMS Conducting Dependent Eligibility Audit

CMS Conducting Dependent Eligibility Audit

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October 4, 2013
Mother and Daughter

To ensure that only eligible dependents are covered under the State Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) and the Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP), the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) has retained the services of HMS Employer Solutions (HMS) to conduct a Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit.

The audit affects current employees as well as retirees with covered dependents. Dependents could be a spouse/civil union partner, dependent child or dependent parent.

Letters will be mailed from HMS to all SEGIP and TRIP members who have a dependent currently enrolled. The letter outlines the steps and documentation required to keep dependents from having their coverage terminated. Members must complete and sign the back of the letter and submit it, along with the requested documentation, to HMS by the due date indicated below.

Letters will be mailed in three groups:

  1. State of Illinois retirees – mailed September 25, 2013, due October 25, 2013.

  2. State of Illinois employees (other than university employees) – mailed November 22, 2013, due December 20, 2013.

  3. State of Illinois university employees – mailed January 22, 2014, due February 21, 2014.

This is a legitimate request from the Illinois Department of Central Management Services via HMS Employer Solutions. If you receive correspondence from HMS, review it right away and respond by the due date indicated.

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NOTE: Due to the Federal government shutdown and possible subsequent delays in the government’s processing of IRS tax transcript requests, those members who need to order a federal tax return transcript should go ahead and do so. If a response is not received within two weeks, members should request an extension of the documentation deadline to HMS. Members should refer to Question 13 in the Dependent Verification Audit Frequently Asked Questions document for instructions regarding how to order the transcript. and Question 10 for instructions on how to request an extension. The deadline for requesting an extension is 25th.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Due to the Federal government shutdown, the deadline for submitting documentation for the State of Illinois Retiree group has been extended to December 6, 2013.  There is no need for anyone in this group to request an extension prior to October 25, 2013.