Actuarial Consulting Services RFP - Questions & Answers Posted

Actuarial Consulting Services RFP - Questions & Answers Posted

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September 30, 2013

The State Universities Retirement System (“SURS” or the “System”) is requesting proposals from qualified actuarial consulting firms to provide a range of actuarial services and actuarial advice to the Board of Trustees and SURS staff. This search was authorized by the Board of Trustees and seeks to identify potential full-service actuarial services. The consultant(s) will report to the Board of Trustees and will also be required to work with and provide assistance to the SURS staff. It is anticipated that SURS will enter into a five (5) year contract with the consultant.

The Board encourages minority-, female- and persons with a disability-owned actuarial consultants to submit proposals to this RFP.

Document Name Date Pages
Questions and Answers – Actuarial Consulting Services 09/30/13 3
Attachment A: July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2011 SMP Disability Benefit Valuation 09/30/13 9
Attachment B: 2012 Money Purchase Effective Rate of Interest Assumption Economic Study 09/30/13 10

Document Name Date Pages
Request for Proposal – Actuarial Consulting Services 09/03/13 17

Event Timeline:

Description Date
Dissemination of RFP September 3, 2013
Deadline for questions to SURS September 20, 2013
Responses to questions submitted to SURS September 30, 2013
RFP responses due by 4:30 pm CST October 14, 2013
Identify firms for further consideration November 2013
Finalists presentation to SURS Board of Trustees December 12, 2013