New SURS Members

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New Members

SURS members must choose one of three retirement options:

  1. Traditional Benefit Package,
  2. Portable Benefit Package, or
  3. Retirement Savings Plan (RSP).

As a new member of SURS, you must choose a retirement plan within the first 6 months of your employment. Your choice will depend on the types of benefits you wish to receive in the future, as well as the amount of personal involvement you want in determining where and how your contributions are invested.

To help you with your decision, SURS has created Plan Choice workbooks for Tier I members and Tier II members. It is intended to provide you with guidance and an overview of some important investment concepts. Please read the workbooks thoroughly and take time to understand the information it contains.  Also, please review the New to SURS Life Event page for additional information.

Plan Information

After you make a decision, learn more about your plan by reviewing the appropriate member guide:

To stay informed of law changes that might affect your retirement benefits, visit the News Features page often and read our newsletter, the Advocate.