Navigation Tips

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The SURS site has several features that make finding what you want easier than ever. Use the Search feature to locate a specific term or review the Site Map to view the content of the website.

Returning Home

You can return to the SURS homepage by clicking the:

  1. SURS logo in the upper left-hand corner of the browser window
  2. Browser´s back button (repeatedly?)
  3. SURS breadcrumb link at the top of the main content window
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All links will appear blue.  If you mouse over the links an underline will appear.  Previously visited links will appear in red unless they appear in the main navigation bar. 

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The gray bar at the top of the main content section displays a series of links, icons and a drop-down menu.  (1) The left-hand-side contains the breadcrumb navigation. These links show how you got to the current page.  The current webpage will not have a link and will be at the end of the navigation.  (2) The right-hand side of the gray bar displays a drop-down for language selection and printing options.

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Generic Page Map

This image shows the location of the features listed below. Information that changes from one page to the next is labeled (dynamic):

  1. SURS Logo - returns you to the homepage from anywhere on the site.
  2. Navigation to the Employer and Reciprocal websites.
  3. Search - Advanced search available on the SURS search page.
  4. Member Website Login button and contact SURS button.
  5. Main Navigation Menu
  6. Breadcrumb Navigation Menu
  7. Language Translation drop-down menu
  8. Page title and main page content
  9. Tags - Useful for subscribing to RSS Feeds and finding related information
  10. Footer Navigation Menu which includes the SURS copyright, contact, legal and privacy information.
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