Retirement (Retirement Savings Plan)

Retirement (Retirement Savings Plan)

  • Obtain Estimate of Benefits

  • Apply for Retirement

  • Information Gathering

  • Claim Finalized and Sent to Provider

  • Time Varies
  • Time Varies
  • Time Varies
  • 30 days for non-Reciprocal claims or 60 days for Reciprocal claims

For an estimate of your retirement benefit, contact your provider(s) prior to making a distribution election:

Click here to view VOYA contact information

Click here to view TIAA contact information

Click here to view Principal contact information

Members must complete the required paperwork to apply for retirement, including a Retirement Application, W4P (if taking an income benefit), and insurance paperwork (if applicable).  SURS would like to receive your application within 90 days of your retirement so we can begin processing your claim. 

To obtain the required SURS paperwork:

  • Dial Toll Free:  800-275-7877
  • Dial Direct:  217-378-8800
  • Online:

The following additional documents are also needed, if not already on file with SURS:

Birth verification for member and any eligible survivor(s)/contingent annuitant.  For proof of birth date, SURS will accept a photocopy of one of the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Grade or High School Records
  • Military Discharge Papers
  • Social Security Verification Letter

If you are married, please submit a copy of your Marriage/Civil Union Certificate.

If you are divorced or your spouse is deceased, SURS may require a copy of your Divorce Decree or a copy of your spouse’s Death Certificate.  SURS will contact you if this document is needed.

If you have established at least one year of service credit with any of the other 12 reciprocal systems, and you wish to retire under the Reciprocal Act, you must contact those systems to request an application for their portion of the benefit.  You will receive a benefit payment from each system with which you have established service credit.

Click here to view the Reciprocal Systems’ contact information

To finalize your retirement claim, SURS will need to gather information from your SURS-covered employer(s) and any applicable reciprocal systems.  In addition, SURS may request additional information from you. 

Information from employer:  SURS requests information from your employer that is required to finalize your claim.  A request may be made for any, or all, of the following:

  • Termination Report
  • Basic Compensation or Academic Contract Information
  • Part-time Service Verification

Information from member:  In some cases, SURS may require additional information from you or require that you complete additional paperwork.   A request may be made for any of the following (if applicable):

  • Copy of eligible survivor’s or contingent annuitant’s birth verification
  • Copy of your marriage certificate
  • Copy of your divorce decree or your spouse’s death certificate

Information from Reciprocal System(s):  If you are retiring from SURS and another retirement system in Illinois under the provisions of the Reciprocal Act, an exchange of information is needed in order to calculate the retirement benefit.