Employer Website Training Document

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     Accessing the SURS Employer Website

Getting Started
     Layout and Features

The Tool Bar
     Process New Event
     Adding Notes
     Validate Section
     Event Inquiry
     Member Information
     Member Demographics
     Summary Statement
     Request and Ticklers
     Contact Us
     Employer Preferences
     Change Password
     Employer Manual
     Sign Out

     Event ID
     Social Security Number
     Date Created
     Event Status
     Event Type

Other Features

Event Notifications




SURS has developed the Employer Website to make the transmission of information between SURS and employers more accurate, more efficient, and more timely. The Employer Website will greatly reduce dependency on mailings and faxes that are subject to being lost or illegible.

Accessing The SURS Employer Website

To access the Employer Website:

  • Type in the address field of your Internet browser
  • Click on the SURS logo to Login
  • Type in User ID and Password (If you do not have or have forgotten your User ID and Password contact your Super User or the Employer Representatives at SURS).
  • Click Submit

You have now entered the SURS Employer Website Home Page. This page will always default to display all Pending Web Events created by SURS. Pending events will be listed individually to show:

  • Social Security Number
  • Event ID Number
  • Name
  • Type of Event
  • Who created the event
  • Date the event was created
  • Last date the event was visited

All searches and inquiries can be initiated from this screen.


Layout and Features

There is a tool bar located at the top of the Employer Website. From this tool bar you may elect to:

  • Process New Event – Submit information on employees to SURS.
  • Event Inquiry – View all web events of all status types.
  • Member Information – View member’s demographic information, annual summary statements, and member requests.
  • Contact Us – Send email directly from the Employer Website.
  • Maintain User Profiles – Control website access and provide SURS with information on employer contacts (for authorized Super Users only).
  • Employer Preferences – Establish password expiration frequency.
  • Change Password – Change password at any time.
  • Home – Return to the Member Inquiry screen.
  • Employer Manual – Print/View current Employer Procedure Manual.
  • Sign Out – Log Off

Displayed on the left side of the screen is the Navigation Bar. It is from here that you may select criteria allowing you to view events of a specific type and status.

  • Event ID – View a specific event.
  • Member SSN – View all events for a specific employee.
  • Date Created – View all events created on a specific date.
  • Originator – View those events created by SURS or the employer.
  • Event Status – View events based on current status.
  • Event Type – View events by specific type.
  • Sort – Sort events by event type or social security number.

Displayed in the center section of the screen are:

  • Latest Employer Web Site News – Important SURS news and updates on the website.
  • Event Inquiry – All pending events created by SURS or based on user–selected criteria.
  • Print Option – Converts displayed data to printer–friendly version.
  • Help Option – Brief definition of requested data or explanation of information currently being viewed.

The Employer Website is a secured site. The employer controls who has access to the Employer Website and who receives SURS requests. When you submit information that you have entered on the Employer Website, you are actually entering the information directly into the employee’s SURS account. When information is submitted using the website, the employee’s account is updated immediately. Employers can view information that has been submitted to verify that it has been received and in some cases, to make corrections if needed.


The pages that follow will provide a reference for performing the various functions on the website.


Process New Event


From the Employer Tool Bar, click on Process New Event. This will display the Select Member Screen. To select a member:

  • Type in the member’s SSN and click search
  • Type in the member’s name and click search
  • Search by scrolling through the list

If you want to add a new member, click the New Member icon at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have selected the member, the Select Event Screen will appear. All eligible events for the chosen member will be displayed here. Click on the desired event to display the initial data entry screen. Located on the Navigation Bar is the type of event and the sections that must be completed to process the event.The status of the event and the status of the required sections are also displayed here, along with the member’s name, social security number, and event ID.

Once information has been entered in the selected event click on update to save.If all required fields have been populated, the status of the section will change to OK.If the section cannot be changed to a status of OK, an error message will appear.When all sections of the event have been successfully updated, the event will also change to an OK status.Click on Submit Event to send.

NOTE: The event cannot be submitted to SURS unless the status of the event and each section are OK.

Refer to the Employer Procedure Manual for detailed instructions on processing all types of events.

Adding Notes – At any time prior to submitting an event, you may provide additional information by clicking on either Event Notes in the Navigation Bar or at the bottom of the screen.When the note is completed, click on Submit in the Notes window.When the event has been submitted, a notepad icon will appear next to the section to identify that notes are present. Validate Section– Data will not be saved when exiting a section of an event if the section status is not in an okay status.To save data without updating, click on the checkmark for Validate Section so the check mark is removed.If there is an error preventing the section from being updated, this function allows data to be saved until the error can be corrected.

Event Inquiry

The Event Inquiry Screen defaults to display all pending events that were created by SURS and not by the employer.The same procedure is followed to process these events that is used to process employer–created events.Click on either the member’s name or event ID number to process the event.All customized searches for existing events, regardless of type or status, are executed from this screen.

Member Information

From the Employer Tool Bar, click on Member Information.This will display the Select Member Screen.

  • Type in the member’s SSN and click search
  • Type in the member’s name and click search
  • Search by scrolling through the list

Once you have selected the member, the Member Demographic Screen will appear.

Member Demographics

  • Social Security Number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Employer
  • Certification Date
  • Position Type
  • Last Employment Status
  • Last Statement Date
  • Benefit Status
  • Retirement Plan Type
  • Last Status Date
  • Account Balance
  • Total Contributions
  • Total Interest
  • Service Credit

Summary Statement– Click on Summary Statement at the bottom of the screen to view the employee’s annual Summary Statements.This screen reflects all activity and changes that occurred during the last academic year.Previous Summary Statements may be viewed by entering the desired academic year.There is no Summary Statement for SURS annuitants.

Requests and Ticklers – Click on Requests and Ticklers at the bottom of the screen to view the Requests and Ticklers screen.

All of the requests (displayed in blue) or contacts connected with the employee will be displayed.

All of the ticklers (displayed in green directly below the Request) reflect activity within the request.

The Requests and Tickler screen will display:

  • Date received – Date employee contact occurred or the request was made.
  • Request Description – Identifies the type of request made.
  • Tickler – Information needed by SURS if an event is created.
  • Status – Status of Request.
    • Open – Request (event) processing is incomplete.
    • Closed – Processing complete.
    • Approved – Request (event) has been approved.
    • Cancelled – The request (event) has been cancelled.
  • Open Date – Date information related to the tickler was requested.
  • Closed Date – Date all information required by SURS was received.
  • Status – The current status of the tickler.
    • Open – Information requested but not received.
    • Closed – Information received and employee’s file updated.

Contact Us

E–mail may be sent to SURS while logged on to the Employer Website by clicking on Contact Us. The Support Center will be displayed, allowing you to contact SURS by phone, e–mail, or mail. Utilizing the e–mail feature immediately notifies the Employer Representative Team for more prompt reply.

Employer Preferences

Click on Employer Preferences to set the number of days that the password will be effective. The maximum length of time that a password can remain in effect is 35 days.

Change Password

Clicking on Change Password will allow the password to be changed. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters, one of which must be a capital letter and one of which must be a numeric character.


Clicking on Home from any location in the site will return the user to the Event Inquiry Screen.

Latest Employer Website News – This feature provides employers with up to date information regarding the website, forms, SURS policies and procedures, Employer Manual updates, and much more. Viewing of current and prior releases from SURS can be viewed by clicking on the newspaper icon.

Employer Manual

Click on Employer Manual from any location in the Employer Website to view the SURS Employer Procedure Manual. Select the section of the manual to be viewed from the window that appears.

Sign Out

You may log off the website by clicking Sign Out.


Event searches can be customized by selecting specific criteria that must be met:

Event ID

Enter the Event ID number and click on Go to display the first section of a specific event.

Member SSN

Enter the Social Security Number and click on Search. The Event Inquiry screen will display all events for a specific member.

NOTE: The Navigation Bar is where all searches are initiated.It is important to remember that no other information is needed if the Event Number or the Social Security Number are known.Click the Go icon only when the Event Number is known.In all other instances click on Search.Using the Event Number or the Social Security Number overrides all information fields below them on the Navigation Bar.

Date Created

Enter month, day, and year and then click Search to display events created on a specific day.The date may also be selected by clicking on the calendar icon.


View events based on who created them by clicking on the drop down arrow to select the originator of the event and then clicking on Search.

  • SURS
  • Employer
  • Both

Event Status

View only events in a specific status by clicking on the drop down arrow to select status and then clicking on search.

  • No Data – Manually created event with no data entered.
  • OK – All fields have been completed and all sections have been updated. However the event has not been processed.
  • Pending – Not all sections of the event have been completed and updated.
  • Processed – Completed event has been sent to SURS and SURS records have been updated.
  • All – Events of all status types will be displayed.

Event Type

View only events by a specific type by clicking on the drop down arrow to select type and then clicking on search.

  • College Insurance
  • Corrected New Hire
  • Death
  • Demographic Change
  • Disability Leave
  • Disability Retirement Allowance
  • Layoff
  • Leave Of Absence
  • New Hire
  • Prior Service
  • Retirement
  • Return From Layoff
  • Return From Leave
  • Salary Verification
  • Separation Refund
  • SMP Termination
  • Termination
  • All Events


Click on Event or Member SSN and then Search to sort events displayed.

NOTE: Any combination of the various criteria may be used to locate events.



After clicking on the Print icon on the homepage (converts the screen to a printable format), use the print command on your browser to create a hardcopy.

Note: The checkmark must be removed from the Validate box before a section that is not in an OK status can be converted to a printable format.


Click on the Help icon on the homepage to view explanations or instructions pertaining to a particular field.


E–mail notifications are sent each Friday evening announcing that new SURS–created events have been added to the website. E–mail notifications for Prior Service and manually created events are sent immediately following the creation of the event.