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This website is for use by SURS–covered agencies with official business only. Access to or provision of information on this website for any other purpose is a violation of state law and will be prosecuted.

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Governor's Salary Cost Shift Provision
Process Guide for Employer Cost for Earnings Exceeding the Governor's Salary
SURS Request for Recalculation for Governor's Salary Notice Form
Frequently Asked Questions 


Employer Normal Cost Notice by Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year 2022 Employer Normal Cost Notice
Fiscal Year 2021 Employer Normal Cost Notice


GASB Statement Number 67 and 68
Each individual employer GASB 68 Notice Posted on employer access reports page.
2020 - External Audit Report of Pension Allocation
2020 - GASB Statement 67 and 68 Financial Report


SURS has an additional website for employer testing: Click here to enter the test environment.