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Survivor Benefit

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This information has been prepared to help spouses, family, and friends when the death of a SURS member occurs.

When a loved one is lost, it is a very difficult time for a spouse to have to make decisions, gather documents, and complete forms. This information has been prepared to help spouses, family, and friends when the death of a SURS member occurs. Remember, SURS representatives are available Monday-Friday from 8:00-4:30 to provide assistance by phone or in person at the SURS office. Although it is not required, SURS does encourage appointments so that we can ensure someone will be available to assist you.

Insurance Claim Appeal Process

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Information about appealing an insurance claim.


The following are the appeal procedures to follow when dissatisfied with a claim determination.

Initial Review of Claim Determination

A plan participant who believes an error has been made in the benefit amount allowed or disallowed must contact the appropriate managed care plan or plan administrator within 180 days of the date of the initial claim determination.

Death Benefit

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Information about receiving a death benefit.

Designating a Beneficiary

It is extremely important that you maintain a current Beneficiary Designation on file with SURS. When a significant event occurs in your life such as marriage, birth, death, divorce, or any change in family status, contact SURS to update your designation. You can also update your beneficiaries on the SURS Member Website.

News & Publications

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The latest news, publications, press releases, rfps, board meeting minutes and the SURS calendar of events.


SURS events such as office closings, on-site retirement counseling, seminars, and important mailings.

Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes are posted upon approval of the Board of Trustees.

News Features

The latest information about SURS, your retirement plan benefits, recent legislation, insurance, and more.

Feeds Delivered via RSS

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An explanation of RSS Feeds.

Stay connected with SURS by subscribing to one of our news feeds delivered via RSS.

SURS news feeds are a new way for us to distribute information as soon as it is updated on the SURS website. Using Really Simple Syndication (RSS), we can feed new articles or information to a group of subscribers automatically.

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